The Dental Hygienist

The Dental Hygienist

The role of the Dental Hygienist within the dental team is primarily one of prevention.  The Dental Hygienist in NovaDental is able to detect gum disease and carry out any necessary treatment.  Approximately 90 percent of the population will experience gum disease, and it is the most common cause of tooth loss in the western world.

The Dental Hygienist appointment is designed to evaluate your oral health.  Firstly, any existing gum disease is treated and then, most importantly, measures are put in place to prevent any further episodes and maintain oral health.

During This Appointment The Dental Hygienist Will:

  • Make an initial assessment of gums to establish the current condition;
  • Remove the bacteria responsible for Gum Disease;
  • Apply fluoride solutions to prevent decay;
  • Take periodic x-rays to establish the condition of pre existing restorations and assess gum health;
  • Demonstrate techniques most suitable for you to keep your teeth and gums healthy in between visits; and
  • Provide dietary advice relating to the prevention of oral conditions.

The patient and Dental Hygienist work together on a maintenance strategy to prevent the repeated incidence of gum disease.  The frequency of maintenance appointments with the Dental Hygienist will depend on the individual